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Teaching and leadership resources

The following is a list of recent resources for those focused on the professional improvement of teachers, principals, and other educational leaders.

Are you a rural teacher? Do you live or work in a rural community? If so, your help is needed to address the growing challenge of teacher shortages in our rural communities. Take this survey and learn more. #ruraled

WI Educators Look to Retain Teachers Amid Shortage  Education leaders in Wisconsin are studying how to retain teachers and attract new ones as unfilled vacancies for teaching jobs stack up in the state. (Associated Press)

UT House Approves Bill to Enact Statewide Exit Surveys for Teachers Who Quit  A bill that would require the State School Board to develop a statewide survey to ask teachers why they’re leaving the profession advanced out of the House on Monday. (Deseret News)

Senate Committee Votes to Increase Statewide Teacher Minimum Wage  Ja’Neane Minor, director of government relations for Advance Illinois, said she agreed that good teachers “are worth their weight in gold,” but said the state needs to provide “more cushion” to the needier districts for them to be able to handle the rate increases. (Rockford Register Star)

GRANT OPPORTUNITY  The P-20 Council Teacher and Leadership Effectiveness (TLE) Committee and the College and Career Readiness Committee are collaborating to launch a joint RFP to fund pilot grants that integrate the concepts of the Diverse Learning Exchange within Education Pathways.  Please review the RFP if you are interested in applying.

Study: TN Schools With the Biggest Needs Tend to Have Lower-Quality Principals  Tennessee has paid a lot of attention to teacher quality since launching a teacher evaluation system tied to student achievement in 2011. But the state has only recently begun to focus more on principal quality by examining administrators’ years of experience and their ratings under the state’s evaluation system for school leaders. (Chalkbeat)

Military Aims to Help AL Ease Its Teacher Shortage  Military officials are leading two efforts designed to increase the number of teachers in the state’s public schools.  (Associated Press)