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University Club: Vidal-Gadea to speak on magnetism and worms

image of Andres Vidal-Gadea

Andres Vidal-Gadea

Illinois State University Assistant Professor of molecular neuroethology in the School of Biological Sciences Andres Vidal-Gadea will give a talk titled, “Transparent worms and invisible force fields: How the tiny nematode C. elegans use the earth’s magnetic field to find its way around the world” at the University Club at 4:30 p.m. Friday, February 15, in the Founders Suite of the Bone Student Center.

Vidal-Gadea’s talk will explore the ways that a tiny, soil-dwelling worm, called nematode C. elegans, is able to detect and orient itself according to a magnetic field. This research could help us better understand animal behavior, how life has been shaped on earth, and even help us to develop a new way of thinking about space travel.

All faculty, staff, annuitants, and  ISU community members are welcome to attend the University Club from 3:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m. this Friday in the  Founders Suite of the Bone Student Center. The campus community is invited.

Additional information about U-Club events and activities can be found at the U-Club website. Continued program support is provided by the Office of the ISU Provost and the Office of the President. In addition, snacks and liquid refreshments are available at each meeting.

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