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A dark, wintery scene with snow falling on distant fir trees, reminiscent of Disney's film Frozen.

You don't have to teach the way you were taught. Embrace a new kind of freedom in your teaching, perhaps best summed up by that popular Disney song.

Let’s Talk Teaching: Let It Go!

CTLT Director Claire Lamonica is teaching a new graduate course this semester, and she says her fresh approach to it is “life changing.” She’s shifted her methods so her students replace her at the center of their learning. We’ll discuss what she’s doing in detail and how it can be applied to other classes. Plus, co-host Jim Gee ponders a mystery about his own course: Why has this semester seen a jump in absenteeism and late work? All that and more in a podcast which, despite this episode’s title, can’t afford to license that song from Disney!

Let’s Talk Teaching is a free podcast for instructors at Illinois State University, produced by the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology. You can listen to past episodes and subscribe using your favorite podcast app or through iTunes by going to

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