Jana Albrecht, Office of the Provost, presented “On to College…Learning the Application Process” at the Girls World Expo in Bloomington.

Jin Jo, TEC, presented “Promoting Sustainable Energy Infrastructure on an Academic Institution” at the 22nd Annual Energy, Utility and Environment Conference 2019 (EUEC) in San Diego, California.

Dakesa Pina, SCS, moderated the International Women’s Day breakfast for McLean County at Eastland Suites in Bloomington.

Susan Watkins, Judy Neubrander, and Michelle Woodburn, MCN, presented “Change Agents for the Underserved:  Service Education,” at the HRSA Quarterly Meeting, Health Resources and Service Education, in Washington, D.C.

David Adams, SCS, authored “Innovative models of care for students: The embedded approach” for University & College Counselling.

Susana Calderon and Caroline Mallory, MCN, published “Look at My Pearly White Teeth: Exploring Adolescents’ Oral Health Behavior” in Public Health Nursing.

Elahe Javadi, IT, and Nancy Novotny, MCN, were co-authors on “Informational evaluation and social comparison: A winning pair for course discussion design” for Information Systems Education Journal.