From climate change, to the mysteries of cybervictimizations, and how social media impacts our lives, Illinois State University’s Senior Professionals program will explore a wealth of topics starting on Monday, March 4, with the Spring 2019 Academy of Seniors, Mornings with the Professors, and Classroom Journey trip.

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The Academy of Seniors will begin Monday, March 4, with a talk dedicated to John Updike, followed by a class on technology/social media, and global affairs. This series will investigate the ever-changing world of social media and how it affects our daily lives, Middle Eastern politics, and much more.

The Mornings with the Professors begins Friday, March 29, and will discuss a variety of topics. Some topics include mass starvation, climate change and how it affects us, and cyber-attacks.

The Senior Professional’s Classroom Journey Bus Trip will travel to St. Louis, Missouri, on Wednesday, May 15, to experience the Missouri Botanical Garden and the St. Louis Gateway Arch National Park.

Register for classes online, or call (309) 438-2160.