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Stevenson Center internship opportunities for undergrads

Student at table

Stevenson Center Fellow Austin Moser at a study abroad fair. Interns work with staff, students, and faculty on a variety of projects,

The Stevenson Center for Community and Economic Development is accepting applications for undergraduate students to serve as interns. Interns specialize in public relations or data management and earn academic credit while developing critical job skills. Applicants must be available for both fall 2019 and spring 2020. Email to learn more and apply now!

The Stevenson Center provides graduate programs for returned Peace Corps Volunteers and AmeriCorps alumni, in addition to the Peace Corps Prep program for undergraduate students and direct service to organizations such as McLean County.

Public relations internship

My main duty is to interview alumni, faculty, and students to write articles describing their personal experiences. I’ve interviewed students currently working in Morocco and Peru. I’ve shared the stories of AmeriCorps alumni who are working to better communities across the country. Hearing the stories from so many people who have dedicated their lives and schooling to service has left a lasting impact.

The internship has allowed me the opportunity to focus on and improve my writing, while also gaining important knowledge that will help further my career. I’ve had my writing featured on the Illinois State social media pages, in College of Arts and Sciences News, and in Redbird Impact. The internship has provided my work wide exposure that I never expected, and as an English major focused on publishing studies, I am grateful for the experience. I have had the chance to improve my editing skills by transcribing YouTube podcasts.

Serving on the Hoon Mok Chung scholarship committee, I am in contact with students, and I get to share the celebratory news they are being awarded a scholarship. In turn, this has provided me the opportunity to work on my interpersonal communication skills and professional development.

In May, my internship with the Stevenson Center will come to a close. As I prepare for graduation, I am left with beneficial skills and an amazing experience that will follow me into my future. I am extremely grateful for the time I have spent with the staff at the Stevenson Center.

I encourage anyone with the necessary writing skills or interest in public relations to apply!

—Megan Birk

Data management internship

As the data management intern, I am fortunate enough to work with individuals who are truly making a difference, while gaining valuable knowledge and experiences that enhance my opportunities for employment after graduation. My time as an intern has allowed me to continue to hone the data analysis skills I have gained through classes and apply them to both qualitative and quantitative real-world data.

One of my responsibilities as an intern is managing the monthly data we receive from the McLean County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC). I am responsible for updating the data syntax files so the data is seamlessly incorporated into our current pool of data. It requires keen attention to detail and a knack for problem-solving.

In addition to updating monthly syntax, I am busy writing my own syntax and running analyses on different projects for the center. I have worked with data involving the length of stay, charge severity, and demographics to identify trends and patterns over time. I have gained a substantial amount of knowledge on the criminal justice system. I was even given the opportunity to attend an official CJCC meeting where I learned about steps that are being taken in McLean County to improve its programs.

Regarding the qualitative side of this position, I am responsible for interviewing and analyzing responses from current students and alumni of the Stevenson Center’s graduate programs. This process involves conducting interviews, coding, analyzing, and summarizing responses, while also getting to know a diverse group of amazing students. I maintain confidentiality as I create executive reports that will help administrators continue to improve as well as recognize successes in the programs.

As a student majoring in sociology and minoring in business analytics, I have gained so much from this position. As I look towards graduation I will leave with a great experience and valuable skills that I can take wherever my next steps take me.

—Laine Perry