It’s always a great day to be a Redbird, but even more so when alumni come back to campus to connect with current students.

The Career Center is hosting the ”Success Looks Like Me” Student and Alumni Diversity Meet-up 5–6:30 p.m. Thursday, March 21, at the Hancock Stadium Club for students and alumni from diverse populations to connect. Hosted by the Career Center’s Cultural Career Network (CCN), the Diversity Meet-up allows students to meet with alums who have gone before them in the job market. Alumni share with students how they got started in their careers, conducted their job search, and navigated the workplace as diverse professionals.

“This event is an excellent opportunity for students of diverse backgrounds to meet alumni to identify what success may look like for them,” said Career Center Director Pamela Cooper. “This is a time for alumni to share their experiences and help students to successfully navigate the transition from college to career, while building a network of professional connections from Illinois State.”

What’s in it for me

The Student and Alumni Diversity Meet–up helps students to prepare for their career by

  • Providing the “inside scoop.” Navigating the transition from college into career can be a tough one, particularly for those from diverse populations. Students will have an opportunity to hear from fellow Redbirds who already navigated the transition.
  • Learning about a variety of industries. At this event students learn not only how alumni transitioned into their careers after college but also what challenges they faced based in their career journey specific to their industries. This can be particularly helpful to those who are pursuing a career that may be populated by a particular culture different from their own.
  • Building a network of support. Because students rotate among alumni to ask questions and learn from their experiences, they have a unique opportunity to establish a network of Redbird alumni who can serve as professional contacts and catalysts to help them succeed.

“It’s a win-win for both the student and the alumni,” states Career Center Senior Assistant Director Maureen Roach. “Students learn from alumni experiences; and alumni get to give back to the Redbird community.”


Students must register to attend through Hire-A-Redbird. Alumni from diverse populations and industries who are interested in giving back to Illinois State are invited to participate. For more information or information or to volunteer, contact the Career Center.

The Career Center assists all Illinois State University students with developing, evaluating, and implementing career decisions.