The Vidette Digital Archives has expanded its online database to include all issues through December 1980.

“We’re excited to have these additional issues added to our database,” states University Archivist April Anderson-Zorn. “The Vidette Digital Archives is such a wonderful resource that has been a huge help to us in providing answers to the community’s university history questions.  I also know of a few classes that are using the database this term to complete papers and exhibition projects.”

The Vidette General Manager John Plevka agreed, “The archives are a valuable resource for historical research, plus flipping through these old papers can be downright fun.”

In January 2018, the first 75 volumes of The Vidette became available online. Now 93 volumes, comprised of over 4,620 issues and over 47,000 pages, are available. This is part of the ongoing plan to continue adding volumes of The Vidette to the digital archives collection through present day.

Anderson-Zorn added, “It is interesting to look back and see how the campus reacted to major national and international news stories. There is so much great history to be found in The Vidette Digital Archives database!”

Through the efforts of Milner Library’s Digital Collections department and in cooperation with Veridian, The Vidette has been digitized and made available for research.

View the collection.