New Employees:
Jeremy Baier, Administrative Aide, VP Student Affairs
Ginger Beer, Office Support Specialist, Chemistry
Jessica Cox, Culinary Worker II, Event Management Dining Hospitality
Esther Katanda, Culinary Worker II, Event Management Dining Hospitality
Josh Millman, Office Support Specialist, Psychology
Lucy Morkin, Office Manager, International Studies
Andres Rivera-Thompson, Police Office, University Police
Kawika Tschabu, Culinary Worker II, Event Management Dining Hospitality

Brian Barisch, Steam and Power Plant II, Building Maintenance
Amber Bostwick, Program Coordinator, Teaching and Learning
Mary Ditchen, IT Tech Assoc, Web Interactive Communication
Krista Gooris, Program Coordinator, Campus Recreation
Bryan Reid, Business Administrative Assoc, Comptroller’s Office
Katherine Scott, Administrative Aide, Agriculture
Benjamin Wells, Admissions and Records Repr, Registrar
Jeffrey Withey Stores, Supervisor, Building Maintenance
Andrew Witt, Building Mechanic Foreman, Building Maintenance Bond Rev

JoAnne Bierma, Clinic Nurse, Health Services
Jessica Kaszynski, Human Resource Rep, Human Resources
Brooke Marvin, Office Support Specialist, Center for Community Engagement
Rimjhim Sinha, Admissions Records Spec II, Registrar

Patrick Moraleda, Pharmacist Supervisor, Health Services