The Master Plan Update Steering Team is pleased to present the Master Plan Update 2010-2030 draft and invites the University community to provide input through an online survey open through April 19.

The survey is available on the Master Plan website.

In fall 2018, President Larry Dietz charged the Master Plan Update Steering Team with producing an update to the Master Plan 2010-2030: Looking to the Future, a long-range blueprint for the physical development of Illinois State University. The team was further charged to consider the realities of operating as a public university in the State of Illinois during lean financial times.

The Steering Team met with and gathered information from a wide range of university constituents and the Master Plan Update 2010-2030 draft reflects the feedback received. The draft incorporates focus areas that include current and new recommended actions, which reflect the University’s priorities for the duration of the life of Master Plan 2010-2030. It also provides updates on many advancements made on the original 67 recommended actions in the Master Plan 2010-2030 Progress Report.