Ali Riaz in a commentary on the Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh has warned that the situation is worsening in refugee camps in Bangladesh. Published in the FirstPost, the article titled “Rohingya refugee crisis is worsening in Bangladesh” highlighted the donor fatigue, exasperation of the Bangladesh government, a sense of despair among refugees and increasingly strained ties with the locals.

Riaz notes, unfortunately the sense of urgency evoked by the crisis in August 2017, described as the worst humanitarian disaster by the United Nations, has vanished while 1.1 million refugees are living in camps in Bangladesh.

He further noted, ‘the crisis is worsening, even as the international community watches from the sidelines. The lip-service of compassion is not enough, it reminds us that the world is failing the Rohingya.’ ‘Hopelessness, uncertainty, despair and lack of resources are creating a generation which can be ignored only at our peril’ Riaz wrote.