New freshmen and new transfer students nominated the following Illinois State faculty, staff, and students for the 2019 Impact Awards. Students are contacted to nominate an individual at Illinois State who has made a difference in their education and academic success.

image of the Impact Awards logoThis award is designed to show appreciation for the impact individual members of the campus community have on our new students and on student retention.


Please join us in congratulating the following individuals for their significant contributions to our students and to first-year retention.

Academic Advisors:

Tamekia Bailey, Sponsored Project Program Associate, University College

Nuusa Faamoe, Academic Advisor, University College

Nicholas Finnessey, Academic Advisor, College of Business

Ryan Gray, Assistant to Department Chair, Sociology and Anthropology

Martin Greenberg*, Academic Advisor, University College

Julie Navickas, Academic Advisor, School of Communication

Amanda Papinchock*, Academic Advisor, University College

Brittany Stokes, Sponsored Project Program Coordinator, University College

Jazmyn Thomas, Academic Advisor, University College

Gina Turton, Academic Coordinator, Honors Program

Brittney Vietti, Academic Advisor, College of Business

Daphyne Walker, Academic Advisor, Kinesiology and Recreation


Haley Allen, Sophomore, School of Communication

Ashley Benton, Senior, School of Art

Taylor Denby, Sophomore, Management

Brianna Finch, Senior, BS/MPA Professional Accountancy

Emily Garcia, Sophomore, Elementary Education

Shelby Hatchel, Sophomore, English (Residence Assistant)

Allyson Morton, Second Bachelor, English

Olivia Oettel, Senior, Mennonite College of Nursing (Residence Assistant)

Melanie Oropeza, Freshman, Agriculture

Ian Samsani, Sophomore, Mathematics

Megan Shanafelt, Junior, English

William Stripeik, Senior, Political Science

Emily Swiderski, Sophomore, Mennonite College of Nursing (Residence Assistant)

Lexie Willis, Sophomore, Sociology


Kevin Goffard, Coordinator of Residence Hall, University Housing Services

Lisa Lawless, Coordinator of Academic Services, University College

Zachary McDowell, Assistant Director, Student Access and Accommodation Services

Lauren Palmer, Administrative Clerk, School of Music

Ruisha Zhang, IT Technology Associate, Stevenson Center


Neet Priya Bajwa, Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Kara Brummel, Graduate Assistant Teaching, School of Communication

Heather Chapman, Lecturer, Economics

Miltonette Craig, Associate Professor, Criminal Justice Sciences

Anne Dervin, Instructional Assistant Professor, School of Music

Melinda Ely, Assistant Professor, Special Education

Kelsey Fisher, Instructional Assistant Professor, School of Theatre and Dance

Stephanie Gardiner-Walsh, Assistant Professor, Special Education

Mark Gibson, Instructional Assistant Professor, Marketing

Bethlehem Hailu, Graduate Assistant, Dean of Education

Shawn Hitchcock, Professor, Chemistry

Michelle Kibler, Assistant Professor, Agriculture

Nancy Koch, Instructional Assistant Professor, Family and Consumer Sciences

Daniel Lannin, Assistant Professor, Psychology

Leslie Laursen, Graduate Assistant Teaching, School of Communication

Barbara Meyer, Associate Dean, Dean of Education

John Miller, Associate Professor, School of Art

Jenifer Milligan, Lecturer, School of Communication

Salomon Navarro Melgoza, Graduate Assistant Teaching, School of Communication

Wade Nichols, Associate Professor, School of Biological Sciences

Daniel Ozminkowski, Assistant Professor, School of Theatre and Dance

James Pancrazio, Professor, Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Nicholas Pershey, Lecturer, Agriculture

Keith Pluymers*, Assistant Professor, History

Cynthia Pulley, Instructional Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Jessica Sciubba, Instructional Assistant Professor, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Lisya Seloni, Associate Professor, English

Katherine Smith, Instructional Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Richard Sullivan, Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

Elisha Swanson, Instructional Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Roberta Trites, Department Chairperson, Management and Quantitative Methods

Paul Ugor, Associate Professor, English

*Received more than one nomination

For more information on the Impact Awards, go to the University College website.