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Years of Service, March and April

Large bell surrounded by flowers and set in stone landscaping, with academic buildings in the background

The Founders Bell on the Quad of Illinois State University

30 Years
Karen Kay Dunton
, Geography-Geology-Environment, 03/06/1989

25 Years
Joanne Lynn Jones
, Mail Service Center, 03/14/1994
Robert Francis Dennis, Registrar, 03/28/1994

20 Years
Ingrid E. Johnson, Environmental Health & Safety, 03/26/1999

15 Years
Kelly L. Thomas
, Chemistry, 03/09/2004

10 Years
Stephanie Ann Ashenbremer
, Comptroller’s Office, 03/02/2009
Ronald Michael McGettrick, Application Services, 03/02/2009
Conzelouis Pate, Janitorial, 03/02/2009
Timothy James Durbin, Bldg Maint Bond Rev, 03/09/2009
Sheena Rae Weiss, Comptroller’s Office, 03/16/2009
John Andrew Thompson, Application Services, 03/23/2009

30 Years
Paul T. Uphoff
, Bldg Maint Bond Rev, 04/06/1989

20 Years
Marlon L. Webb
, Registrar, 04/11/1999

10 Years
Thomas Merriman Irwin
, Building Maintenance, 04/06/2009
Adam Tyler Julian, Web Interactive Communication, 04/13/2009
Heather Marie Berrocales, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality, 04/20/2009
Christopher Michael Roberts, Registrar, 04/20/2009