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Woman with head covered next to a pile of student portfolios.

Wish you could just snap your fingers and make all of that end-of-semester grading go away?

Let’s Talk Teaching: Endgame

Dreading all of that grading at the end of the semester? The process of creating final projects or portfolios, or even preparing for final exams, can be important to successful student learning. But what you do with them, as a teacher, might not be so paramount. CTLT Director Claire Lamonica and Jim Gee explore how much feedback your students really need after those final exams and projects are turned in. They discuss ways of putting that final flourish on their learning without burying yourself under a mountain of feedback that, let’s face it, they may never see.

Let’s Talk Teaching is a free podcast for instructors at Illinois State University, produced by the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology. You can listen to past episodes and subscribe using your favorite podcast app or through iTunes by going to

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