The following is a list of recent resources for those focused on the professional improvement of teachers, principals, and other educational leaders.

Strengthening Teacher Pipelines: Leading From the Classroom  A recent national survey found that 9 in every 10 teachers wish they had more opportunities to further their careers and professional skills without leaving the classroom. Teachers reported interest taking on mentor, lead teacher or peer evaluator roles, regardless of whether the professional growth opportunity resulted in additional pay. Unfortunately, in many cases, teachers aren’t given these types of opportunities to lead from the classroom.

Credentials and Classrooms: Teacher Qualifications’ Impact on Learning Environments  If the field agrees that classroom environments and teacher-child interactions matter, then early learning environments should be a priority in all early and elementary education teacher preparation programs.

Equity and Diversity By Design: Recommendations on Recruiting and Retaining Teachers of Color in Illinois In a new policy brief, Teach Plus Illinois Policy Fellows address the lack of diversity in Illinois’ teaching force and recommend a series of policies and practices needed to support and retain a racially- and linguistically-diverse cadre of teachers that reflects the state’s student population.

Principal Pipelines: A Focus on Retention  You’ve likely heard about RAND’s groundbreaking research, which found that six districts that took a systematic approach to develop and support school leaders were able to increase student achievement. A bit overlooked in that initial burst of news was another important nugget: building principal pipelines can boost principal retention too. They dig deeper into the retention finding here. And if you missed any of the coverage on the initial report, here’s a recap of the launch.  Wallace Foundation President Will Miller, accompanied by a group of field experts, recently offered a technical assistance briefing on school leadership to the U.S. House Committee on Education Labor.

Teacher Appreciation: Paying Teachers Their Worth  In this Ed Note blog post, Ellen Sherratt, of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, shares how states can encourage teachers to invest in their practice and boost teacher retention through financial incentives for National Board certification.

The Midwest Principals’ Center is proud to announce its upcoming 2019-2020 all-day programs.  Registration opened on May 15th.  Now is a good time to plan for your professional development for next year.  Midwest Principals’ Center’s focus for the 2019-2020 school year is ‘coaching’, as well as topics such as literacy, school culture, and student engagement.  These speakers/topics were selected based on the recommendations and interest of over 100 school leaders who are part of MPC.

Delivering High-Quality Teaching and Learning with Technology Join Tuesday, 05/21 for a livestreaming event that shares research on the elements students demand in their academic experience, and how technologies can play a role in meeting them. Instructors will also gain insights into the set of skills and competencies they now need to effectively incorporate today’s technologies into their courses.  Listen in to discover:

  • How to meet compliance using world-recognized standards for teaching
  • What the increased investment value is in learning technology
  • Ways to use technology to maintain consistency in pedagogical delivery across faculty
  • Improving teaching and learning confidence in the approach your academic staff uses

Principal Pipelines: A Tool to Improve Student Achievement  “In a time of limited resources when we have to make tough financial decisions, we have substantial data that investment in a principal pipeline, when done well, has a direct impact on student achievement.” — Sonja Santelises, CEO Baltimore Public Schools, Maryland