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On April 5, 2019, fourteen technology students participated in Illinois State University’s Spring 2019 Research Symposium. Students in the renewable energy capstone course presented their group projects: Brian Bohmann, Quinn Butler, Sergie Tuluca, Andrea Boyd, Paul Rypkema, Kyle LaFlame, Michael Budde, Jade Pecci, Ben Cunnar, Nicholas Hieb, Dallas Nichols, Sara Keene, Alexander Reis, Bryce Clark, Ben Chvatal, Alexander Wilcox, and Brett Emrich. Saurabh Singh, Michael Boffa, and Joseph Aderoju presented the research project they worked on with Pranshoo Solanki. Ali Mojadam ‘18, a former technology graduate student worked on a project with Emily McMahon and Brenda Johnson in the Nursing Department. Haiyan Xie’s graduate assistant Hu Xi presented their research project.

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  1. wow..
    students participate in research…
    its a great job..