Illinois State faculty and staff in the news with links to articles.

Barb Dallinger says there is still work to do for LGBTQIA+ rights on the anniversary of Stonewall.

“Most advanced” ISU solar car ready for moment in sun.

Nate Carpenter discusses elected officials and social media.

Stage makeup adds realism to emergency drill at Student Health Services.

Kendra Paitz talked about the University Galleries’ Teen Arts group.

Children explore plant life at ISU Horticulture Center.

Amy Wood’s new book reveals Jim Crow’s legacy.

Dagmar Budikova spoke about her recent study on melting Arctic ice bringing U.S. heatwaves with publications such as The Guardian, AGU, and E&E News.

Wib Leonard offers secret to success after 50 years as an instructor at Illinois State.

Katrin Paehler spoke with WGLT about the development and downfall of Nazi Germany’s secret service and intelligence agencies.

Redbirds Rising: Fundraising surpasses $150 million goal.

Alumna Tameka Newman featured for her work in Illinois JusticeCorps, helping civil defendants navigate the criminal justice system.

Angela Bonnell and Ross Kennedy talk local involvement around D-Day.

Leandra Parris offers ideas on how to talk to families about tornadoes on NPR’s The 21st.

Dawn Beichner works with task force, forum aimed to lower female incarceration rates.