Assistant Professor of Politics and Government L.J. Zigerell has a new publication as an entry in a¬†PS: Political Science & Politics¬†symposium. The entry is “Left Unchecked: Political Hegemony in Political Science and the Flaws It Can Cause.” The symposium is planned for the October issue (52:4).

The manuscript discusses consequences for political science that can reasonably be attributed to political imbalance among political scientists, such as research on the influence of gender attitudes on 2016 U.S. presidential election candidate preference investigating attitudes about only one gender, and educational or promotional initiatives excluding political science students based on students’ gender or color.

The manuscript discusses mechanisms that political scientists can adopt to help avoid negative consequences of political imbalance, such as opening peer review for conditionally accepted manuscripts to volunteers and replacing gender- and color-based lists of experts with an inclusive list that permits filtering by expert characteristic.