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Stevenson Center shares student successes

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Stevenson Center Fellow Orsi Ficsor (center) participates in the 2019 University Research Symposium.

Stevenson Center graduate students had a productive academic year. Offering interdisciplinary, applied master’s programs for Peace Corps Fellows and Applied Community and Economic Development Fellows, the Stevenson Center prepares students for successful careers in community and economic development.

For each program offered through the Stevenson Center, master’s degrees are available in anthropology, applied economics, kinesiology and recreation, political science, and sociology.

Fellows presented their research at conferences throughout the year:

  • Brown University’s Graduate Student Sawyer Seminar on Thinking Decolonization Hemispherically: Ana Fochesatto
  • Community Development Society Conference: Katie Spoden
  • Midwest Political Science Association Conference: Kate Brunk, Jordan Norton
  • Illinois State University Culturally Responsive Campus Community Conference: Joel McReynolds
  • Illinois State University Conference for Students of Political Science: Kate Brunk
  • Illinois State University Research Symposium: Angela Eastlund, Ana Fochesatto, Jalisa Holifield, Joel McReynolds, Jerome Sader

Jalisa Holifield at the 2019 University Research Symposium. She uses design sociology to measure program effectiveness.

Stevenson Center students received various awards:

  • Conference for Students of Political Science Pi Sigma Alpha Best Paper Award 2019: Kate Brunk
  • Newman Civic Fellow: Kate Brunk
  • Politics and Government Graduate Student Civic Engagement Award: Jordan Norton
  • Politics and Government Alice Ebel Scholarship: Katie Spoden
  • Sociology Charter Department Graduate Student Excellence Award: Hannah Gdalman
  • University Club Scholarship: Rachel Almburg

While pursuing academic achievements, Fellows have helped a range of host organizations in meeting their development goals. Imarogbe Stokes with Change Happens! in Houston, Texas, described a Fellow as “a true reflection of the investment that Illinois State places into their students’ education. We would like to thank Illinois State University for offering us an opportunity to be a host organization; it has been the perfect partnership.” Stevenson Center students in the final class of the Peace Corps Master’s International program nationwide are concluding their service in Botswana, Colombia, Morocco, Peru, and Ukraine. The Peace Corps Prep program continues to support undergraduate students completing a certificate of readiness for public service.

Megan Birk is the Stevenson Center’s public relations intern.