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Back to School in Style

Three students Walking from Watterson Towers

Three students walking from Watterson Towers

Hey there, #Redbird! You’ve had a long summer with an internship or job, a family vacation, and hopefully some fun in the sun. It’s almost time for you to fly back to campus, your nest away from home. Before you do, you will want to gear up for this new year. But, with packing and seeing all of your friends and family before you leave, who has the time to sit online and go shopping? Don’t worry, we’ve done it all for you.

Show up to #RedbirdMoveIn in style, wearing your red and white! We have everything from hats, to T-shirts, and sweatshirts.

We are so excited for this school year to begin! Before you know it, you will be walking to class with the friends you met at Welcome Week, and rolling into class wearing some of the latest ISU fashions.

Students Talking outside of Watterson

Students Talking outside of Watterson

Eight a.m. classes can be hard, so you throw on a super comfy Illinois State crew neck sweatshirt. This isn’t just an ordinary sweatshirt; it has nice embroidered lettering that elevates the look. Paired with some jeans, you look like you’re dressed to impress and no one knows you woke up ten minutes ago.

Gone are the days when the only option was a big boxy T-shirt. Illinois State’s retailers carry the latest in fashion-forward apparel options for women! Featuring aesthetically pleasing patterns, designs, and fonts. You’re sure to find something that suits your personality. These items are great for any occasion: class, game day, hanging out with friends, you name it!

Students talking on the steps of Cook Hall

Students talking on the steps of Cook Hall

Wake up for class with coffee or tea in an Illinois State travel mug, and keep hydrated with one of our reusable water bottles! ISU strives to be eco-friendly, so help reduce plastic waste and go reusable! There are water fountains throughout all of the residence halls, and all of the academic buildings, there are even some on the quad—fill up!

On Fridays we wear red—#WearRedOnFridayISU! Don’t feel left out; everyone can sit at our table! The red options are limitless; plus, you look good in red.

Two students talking while sitting in front of the Old Main Bell

Students talking while sitting in front of the Old Main Bell

So many styles to choose from! Check out this baseball tee (shout out to the ISU Baseball team for rocking it last season)! Paired with an ISU vintage logo baseball hat, you’re ready to walk out the door, no matter if woke up late, are having a bad hair day, or are just feelin’ sporty.

We love this athletic tee from Nike! Nothing says collegiate quite like big block lettering. With the addition of #ReggieRedbird, this shirt is perfect to #BackTheBirds at a football or volleyball game!

Student Wearing Vintage ISU logo apparel

Student Wearing Vintage ISU logo apparel

Are you loving the vintage look? Gear up with this super cute College Vault logo tee. The cuff accents look great and add the perfect retro pop. There are plenty of vintage logos to choose from in this line! Oh, did we mention that this shirt is super soft too?

All of these items and more can be found at the Illinois State University Barnes and Noble bookstore in the Bone Student Center! Welcome back #Redbird!

Three Students wearing Illinois State University apparel

Students wearing Illinois State University apparel


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