A new school year means new students and new faculty on campus! At the College of Applied Science and Technology (CAST), we’re always happy to welcome new faces to Illinois State.

Dr. Cara Rabe-Hemp, Associate Dean of CAST welcoming new faculty member Megan Weemer

CAST was present at the New Faculty Orientation Welcome Fair to support new faculty members and distribute fancy CAST swags at the Brown Ballroom of the Bone Student Center. New faculty members also received fun stickers on their “Passport to ISU.”

The new faculty members that would be joining CAST this year are:

  • David C Lane, Department of Criminal Justice Sciences
  • Mijin Kim, Department of Criminal Justice Sciences
  • So Young Song, Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Megan Weemer, Department of Health Sciences
  • Jon Judge, Department of Health Sciences
  • Philip Sumesh, School of Information Technology
  • Mehdi Sookhak, School of Information Technology
  • Will Lewis, School of Information Technology
  • Andrew Eberline, School of Kinesiology and Recreation
  • Tyler Kybartas, School of Kinesiology and Recreation
  • Jaby Mohammed, Department of Technology

See more photos from the New Faculty Orientation Fair:

On Friday, August 23rd, the first-year faculty will be hosted to CAST’s New Faculty Lunch to learn more about the college, meet the Deans and get helpful tips to enjoy their first year at Illinois State, while beginning a year-long mentorship program.

CAST wishes all new faculty members a lovely time at Illinois State. You’ll love it here!

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