Angell Howard of the Division of Student Affairs is the recipient of a Living Our Values Award.

The Living Our Values awards recognize individuals and groups that exemplify Illinois State’s core values of Learning and Scholarship, Diversity and Inclusion, Respect, Collaboration, Individualized Attention, Civic Engagement, and Integrity, as spelled out in Educate Connect Elevate: Illinois State – The Strategic Plan for Illinois’ First Public University 2018-2023. The awards celebrate the commitment to live the University’s values every day, and strengthen the campus community by sharing those values.

A two-time graduate of Illinois State, with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in social work, Howard joined the University’s staff in 2011. She currently serves as the Division of Student Affairs’ professional development coordinator and chair of the Inclusion Change Team.

When you respect someone you do everything you can to not disappoint them. You show them honor in some way every chance you get. — Angell Howard

Howard was nominated for her commitment to respect, collaboration, and diversity and inclusion. “There is nothing like being in a space where you feel welcomed, appreciated, and valued. Where your experiences are respected and not only put on display,” said Howard, who is now pursing her doctorate in education. “There is nothing like being able to be your authentic self and know that your intelligence or belonging won’t be questioned or assaulted.”

group cheers

Supporters cheer on Angell Howard as she receives her Living Our Values Award.

Working with groups across campus, Howard is the programming chair for the Association of Black Academic Employees, co-chair of the Communication Task Force, and serves on the Umoja Committee, the Training Council, and on the Interfaith Committee.

“Angell has proven a valuable resource for the entire University,” said Megan Rolfs, director of marketing and communications for the division. Rolfs added that Howard is active on multiple University-wide committees. “Despite these many responsibilities, Angell still makes a point to be an advocate for students of color and serve as a trusted mentor.”

Howard said respect is a vital element of her work, and the work of all on campus. “The word alone ensues a type of behavior from others,” she said. “When you respect someone you do everything you can to not disappoint them. You show them honor in some way every chance you get. There is reciprocity in it and—if not taken for granted—it can have a trickling effect throughout an office, a department, a division, and hopefully an entire institution.”

Nominees for the Living Our Values awards can be any current Illinois State student, faculty, or staff member, or a group of people at Illinois State working toward a program or initiative that reflects the core values.

Logo with the words Educate, Connect, Elevate, Illinois State: The Strategic Plan for Illinois' First Public University, 2018-2023Nomination forms can be found on the Educate Connect Elevate: Illinois State website.