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In the News, August 6, 2019

The poem “Before this dream” by Duriel E. Harris appeared in the New York Times Magazine,

Elisabeth Reed talks off-campus recycling and plans for the Office of Sustainability.

Kathy Bohn and Bob Navarro say they are honored to serve as new Board of Trustees members.

Maura Toro-Morn looks to the future of Puerto Rico as governor resigns.

Doris Houston discusses changes at the Department of Children and Family Services.

Illinois State sets new fundraising record.

Dagmar Budikova talks about study showing a link between arctic ice and heat waves.

Eric Wesselmann and Scott Jordan’s ComicCon panel on the psychology of Marvel’s Black Panther covered by BET.

Tom Willmitch and Dan Holland on returning to the Moon 50 years after Apollo 11.

Shelby Jedele Putt discussed research shedding light on the cognitive processes behind early Stone Age toolmaking.


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