To the Editor,

I’m a 1988 ISU alum who covered the 2005 Illinois hoops squad alongside Marlen Garcia (“Immigrant Tale,” November 2018). I worked for the Daily Herald. You’ve done a wonderful job of capturing her in this feature.

We were good friends in those days, though not to the point where she felt comfortable sharing some of the things revealed in this article. Those are some remarkable details and explain a lot about her beliefs and her inner fire, and willingness to stick up for people who don’t have an equal voice.

While she could be terrific at any job in journalism, or any industry, I think she’s made for her role at the Sun-Times. Thanks for sharing her story with everyone!

Lindsey Willhite ’88

Online comments:

Great article about Andrew Purnell (“Alum’s Action Plan,” April 2019). Proud to know him.

Jana Whitman ’90

Fantastic article! (“Q & A with Aimee Miller-Ott,” April 2019). Really enjoyed it and will be sharing with others.

Sarah Bollman ’02

Great to see a fellow Redbird take flight! (Tricia Griffith, CEO of Progressive, April 2019).

Matt Coughlin ’95

We’re doubly proud! She’s my husband’s sister (Tricia Griffith, CEO of Progressive, April 2019). So many family members are ISU grads! Go ISU!

Maureen Thomas ’80, M.S. ’05