Jeffrey Barrett, Jennifer Tobias, Craig Cullen, Amanda Cullen, Jae Baek, all of MAT, co-authored the chapter titled “Children’s Measurement Project: Sharing Trajectories with Teachers” with alumna Megan Wickstrom for the new book Learning Trajectories for Teachers: Designing Effective Professional Development for Math Instruction.

Jeremy Driskell, along with several undergraduate and graduate students, CHE, published “pH Controlled Orientation of Antibody Immobilized onto Gold Nanoparticles” in Bioconjugate Chemistry. 

James Skibo, SOC, co-authored “Acorn Processing and Pottery Use in the Upper Great Lakes: An Experimental Comparison of Stone Boiling and Ceramic Technology” for Ethnoarchaeology. His co-authors were three former students and Illinois State alumni Kelsey Hanson, Paula Bryant, and Autumn Painter.

T.Y. Wang, POL, published “Generations, Political Attitudes and Voting Behavior in Taiwan and Hong Kong” and co-authored “Declining Voter Turnout in Taiwan: A Generational Effect?” for Electoral Studies.

Eric Willey and Angela Yon, both of Milner, had their article “Applying Library of Congress Demographic Group Characteristics for Creators” accepted by the Cataloging & Classification Quarterly journal. It will appear later in 2019 in volume 57, issue 6.

LJ Zigerell, POL, published “Left Unchecked: Political Hegemony in Political Science and the Flaws It Can Cause” in PS: Political Science & Politics.

Ali Riaz, POL presented at the Changing Bangladesh conference at the University of Oslo, Norway. Riaz was the speaker at the special session titled “A Conversation about the state of democracy and election in Bangladesh.” He also presented “Four Challenges to Governance in South Asia” at an international conference at Jahangirnagar University in Bangladesh.

Jenni Thome, SCS, was a co-presenter of “Research findings on diverse risk factors for disordered eating and their clinical relevance” at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention in Chicago.