As part of Illinois State University’s commitment to diversity and to Redbird career success, the Career Center is pleased to launch GoinGlobal, the University’s first online career tool kit specifically serving international students and those seeking opportunities abroad.

Located within Hire-A-Redbird, Illinois State’s online job vacancy system, the resource is a result of a collaboration between the Career Center and the Office of International Studies and Programs.

“GoinGlobal is a great resource for domestic students, faculty, and staff seeking international internships or jobs abroad, as well as for international students and scholars seeking employment in the U.S.,” said Luis Canales, director of the Office of International Studies and Programs.

Employer directory and job leads

GoinGlobal provides useful, actionable information to meet the evolving needs of job seekers. It provides a complete employer directory for students to identify employers and view job openings. The tool currently has more than 16 million job and internship listings and corporate profiles of thousands of key employers from across the world, including local job boards, staffing agencies, executive search firms, career fairs, and nongovernment organizations (NGO) global organizations.

In addition, GoinGlobal has its own proprietary H1B visa search engine that allows students to identify employers in the United States who are seeking to hire international talent.

According to Career Center Senior Assistant Director Maureen Roach, GoinGlobal provides intentional and tailored support: “It will be an extremely helpful tool for searching for career opportunities at home and globally. We are also pleased that it also connects students with organizations that have a history of hiring students in the U.S. and abroad.”

Career guides and helpful tools

Not only does GoinGlobal provide job leads, but it also provides students with career guides and other useful tools, particularly helpful in meeting the needs of international students. Career guides include information on hiring trends, work permits/visa regulations, professional and social networking, interview advice, and even guidelines for creating culturally correct resumes and curriculum vitaes (CVs).

Students will be able to access in-depth analysis of industry trends and hiring outlooks by sector, insights into cultures such as advice on how to act appropriately in both social and professional settings, and guidelines for preparing for interviews and how to follow-up on them afterwards.

Other resources include detailed cost of living information for housing, transportation, taxes, medical care, and other financial factors by location, professional associations, expatriate organizations, and social networking groups for making new connections.

GoinGlobal also provides information about key work permit and visa requirements with links to application documents and supplemental online resources, which was developed specifically by an immigration lawyer.

“We live in a globalized world,” states Canales. “As an institution, we have an obligation to prepare our students to successfully compete in the global marketplace while becoming responsible citizens in the global community in which we live.”

The Career Center supports Illinois State University’s Educate Connect Elevate: Illinois State—The Strategic Plan for Illinois’ First Public University 2018-2023 by assisting students with developing, evaluating and/or implementing career, education, and employment decisions.