Distinguished Professor Ali Riaz is quoted in The Economist in a report titled, “How Britain exports Islamist extremism to Bangladesh.” The report explores the connections of Bangladeshi militants with Britain. There are reports that British-Bangladeshis have had connections with militant groups operating in Bangladesh.

Professor Riaz highlighted the causes of the appeal of the ISIS to the Muslim community in Britain. Riaz argues that “the (British) government’s response to 9/11 lumped together all Muslims, making many identify more with their religion than their nationality or ethnic origin. This has made them vulnerable to the universalist messages of groups like is.”

As for the connection between British-Bangladeshis and militancy in Bangladesh, Riaz said the “ideas, money and recruitment essential to extremism no longer move neatly from one country another, but in a “confusing whirlwind.” The report is published in the September 19 issue of the weekly magazine published from London.