Nikita Richards ‘06 discussed how the employment world has changed for all liberal arts majors over the last several years and how students can create career opportunities when there is “no seat at the table.”

Nikita giving a lecture in class

Nikita Richards ’06

Richards focused on how students could better equip themselves for the interview process by familiarizing themselves with the STAR method of questioning to learn how to answer behavioral questions. Three types of interview formats are commonly used by all employers today so students should practice each of them: video interviews, phone screenings and then panel interviews. She expressed that panel interviews are great because while they may seem scary, they actually increase the odds that at least one of the panelists will like you and want to hire you.

Richards was adamant in stating that taking ownership of mistakes and holding high levels of integrity are crucial in making a good impression and then retaining a job. She further encouraged students to “chase the experience and not the money.” Lastly, she emphasized the importance of keeping your resume concise and, while within the interview, providing examples that highlight experience and process improvement.