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International Seminar Series: Chinese economy and trade war, September 18

The International Seminar Series offers the Illinois State University campus and the Bloomington-Normal community weekly opportunities to learn about a wide range of international topics. Guest speakers are experts in their fields across a range of disciplines who cover a wide array of cultural, historical, political, and social topics.

The Fall 2019 series will focus on contemporary China. The talks are free and open to the public and occur every Wednesday from noon-1 p.m. in the Old Main Room of the Bone Student Center.

September 18
Kevin Zhang
“The Chinese Economy and the U.S.-China Trade War”

This talk will cover the emergence of China as a major economic power, concerns raised among U.S. policymakers, and the trade war the Trump administration initiated against China in 2018. Zhang is professor of economics at Illinois State University. He received his Ph.D. from University of Colorado-Boulder and completed his post-doctoral research at Harvard University.

September 25
Larissa Kennedy
“Reflections from an American Classroom: Demystifying Chinese History”

Reflecting on experiences in the classroom, Kennedy will explore some of the foundational—and often misunderstood—ideas that are crucial to being informed about China today. Kennedy has been an instructional assistant professor at Illinois State University since 2005. She teaches the courses History of East Asia, World Religions, and History of Chinese Civilization.

October 2
Taylor Jingtian
“Higher Education in China”

This talk will discuss how China’s remarkable economic growth brings prosperity in developing its higher education system into one of the largest in the world. Jing Tian is the associate director for Asia initiatives in the Office of International Studies and Programs at Illinois State University.

October 9
Jeff Martin
“Policing, Brainwashing, and the Rise of Modern China”

By revisiting ideological fantasies in light of the history of policing in modern China, Martin will discuss the underlying normative commitments which distinguish China’s illiberal approach to policing from the liberal ideal familiar to most Americans. Martin is an assistant professor in the departments of Anthropology and East Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

October 16
Li Zeng
“Representing Minorities in Chinese Cinema: Ethnic Identity, Tradition, and new Movements”

This presentation will discuss production of minority films in different phases, from the 1950s to the present, focusing on films in the last two decades. Zeng is an associate professor of film studies at Illinois State University. She received her doctoral degree in radio/television/film from Northwestern University in 2008.

October 23
Quliang He
“Making Sense of Propaganda in Communist China”

This talk focuses on a range of communist China party-sponsored cultural products or activities—such as urban design, motion pictures, novels, and storytelling—to reexamine the efficacy of state propaganda in communist China, particularly during Mao’s times (1949-1976). He is associate professor of history at Illinois State. His main field is cultural history in 20th-century China.

October 30
Jessica Li
“Exploring the Development of Ethical Business Culture in China”

In this talk, Li will cover the impact of historical, cultural, economic, and political factors in the development of Chinese ethical business culture. Li is an associate professor and program director of human resource development at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

November 6
Maria Boerngen
“Impact of Chinese Trade Relations on Illinois and U.S. Agriculture”

During this seminar, Boerngen will provide context on the importance of Chinese agricultural trade to the Illinois and U.S. economies, describe the current state of trade relations, and discuss the short-term impacts and potential long-term consequences of this trade war on the agriculture sector. Boerngen is an assistant professor of agribusiness at Illinois State University. She received her Ph.D. in agricultural and consumer economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, specializing in international and policy economics.

November 13
Chang Su-Russell
“Parents’ Childbearing Decisions in the Era of the Two-Child Policy in Mainland China”

November 20
Archana Shekara
“Designing Cross-Cultural Awareness Through Typography: Understanding Heritage and Cultural Identity of China”

This presentation will describe teaching methodologies adopted in the advanced typography course at Shanghai Normal University and the Special Topics in Graphic Design course at Illinois State. Shekara is an associate professor of graphic design at Illinois State. She is a multidisciplinary socio-cultural designer, and design researcher with 23 years of professional experience designing for diverse industry clients.

For more information, contact the Office of International Studies and Program at (309) 438-5276, or go to the website.