Are you familiar with how to use LinkedIn? Do you know how to use it when seeking employment? Do you know how to utilize the tool to connect with other professionals?

The Career Center is hosting LinkedIn workshops to help students and alumni make the most of using LinkedIn and how to build professional contacts and career connections. Redbirds can attend any one, or all of the sessions. Workshops are held at the Career Center at 110P Student Services Building as follows:

“LinkedIn is the leader in online professional networking,” said Susan Whitsitt, Career Center assistant director for marketing and communication. “Students know how to effectively utilize Instagram and other platforms from a social perspective. However, tools like LinkedIn are utilized by employers and other professionals to identify potential candidates and build connections. These sessions help them make the most of this valuable tool to build professional contacts and career connections.

Basic level workshops identify how to create a profile for the first time and provide an overview of how to use LinkedIn. The advanced level identifies how to maximize one’s professional networking potential and job search using the latest LinkedIn tools and functions.

“Employers are constantly utilizing LinkedIn. So no matter where one is at in their academic or professional career, it’s never too soon to begin establishing a professional brand and making contacts,” Whitsitt said. “We are here to guide Redbirds on how to use LinkedIn effectively so they can build a digital profile to bridge them from their student life to their professional career.”