Maura Toro-Morn, SOC, has been named to the asviory board of the Palgrave Latino Studies journal. The principal aim of the Journal is to advance interdisciplinary scholarship about the lived experience and struggles of Latinas and Latinos for equity, representation, and social justice.

Nancy Lind, POL, and Cara Rabe-Hemp, CJS, co-authored the book Political Authority, Social Control and Public Policy. Lind also co-authored several entries for the book Political Groups, Parties, and Organizations That Shaped America, including “Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now,” “CODEPINK,” “Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization,” and “Project Vote Smart.”

Karen Stripp, SWK, and Kyle Miller, COE, co-authored an article in Teacher Education Quarterly titled “The intersection of classroom management, student trauma, and self-care: The experiences of preservice teachers.”

Faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduate students in the Department of Chemistry presented at the 67th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Applied Topics in Atlanta, Georgia. William Fatigante, Ashley Stelmack, Daniel Burr, John Harms, Jeremy Driskell, Jun-Hyun Kim, J.R. Wieland, and Christopher Mulligan presented “Towards On-Site Drug Evidence Confirmation via Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy and Paper Spray Ionization Employed on Portable Instrumentation.” Fatigante, Driskell, and Kim joined Trevor McDaniel and Noah McClurg to present “The Performance of Nanoparticle-Modified Paper Substrates Employed as Surface Transfer Swabs for Combined SERS and PSI-MS Investigation.” Stelmack, Fatigante, and Mulligan joined Shahnaz Mukta to present “Rapid Profiling of Authentic Forensic Evidence via Paper Cone Spray Ionization Employed on Portable MS Instrumentation.” Mulligan and Mukta joined Abigail Poehls to present “Analysis of Cosmetic Products for Evidentiary Value via Paper Spray and Paper Cone Spray Ionization-Mass Spectrometry.” Mulligan joined Alyssa Gasa and Makoy Overfelt to present “Profiling Agrochemical Residues in Produce via Paper Cone Spray Ionization and Portable Instrumentation.”

Susan Calderon, MCN, presented “A social media intervention strategy for improving dental health in adolescents” for the Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in Chicago.

Katherine Ellison, ENG, “Defoe and the Hypothetical.” The Sixth Biennial Meeting of the Defoe Society. University of York, July 10-12, 2019.

Sarah Hochstetler and Danielle Lillge, ENG, presented. “Critical Conversations and Reflections: Inviting Mentor Teachers into Collaborative Assessment Conversations” at the English Language Arts Teacher Education (ELATE) Summer Conference in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Hochstetler also co-presented “Learning from Others through Writing: Exploring Dialogic Writing Practices in English Education Methods Courses” and “Changing the Narrative on Literacy Education: Advocacy Content Knowledge in Teacher Preparation Programs.” Lillge also presented on the panel “Connecting English methods courses and field experiences to promote advocacy and activism.”

Mark Olson, SWK, presented “The Influence of Social Exclusion and Integration on Trauma Reactions in Older Adults” at the Aging & Social Change, Ninth Interdisciplinary Conference at the University of Vienna.

Ali Riaz, POL, presented “Voting in Hybrid Regime: Understanding the 2018 Bangladeshi Election” at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars at Washington, D.C.