Bruce Stoffel of the Office of the Provost is the recipient of a Living Our Values Award.

The Living Our Values awards recognize individuals and groups that exemplify Illinois State’s core values of Learning and Scholarship, Diversity and Inclusion, Respect, Collaboration, Individualized Attention, Civic Engagement, and Integrity, as spelled out in Educate Connect Elevate: Illinois State – The Strategic Plan for Illinois’ First Public University 2018-2023. The awards celebrate the commitment to live the University’s values every day, and strengthen the campus community by sharing those values.

Bruce Stoffel, who won the Living Our Values Award for embodying the core value of Integrity, thanked the people with whom he works.

Stoffel was nominated for the core value of Integrity. “Bruce embraces and embodies our institutional value of integrity. He demonstrates the highest ethical standards in his work,” said Associate Provost Ani Yazedjian, who nominated Stoffel along with Provost Jan Murphy.

Joining Illinois State in 2001 as a faculty member for Milner Library, Stoffel now is the coordinator of academic programs and policy for the Office of the Provost. In his role, he is responsible for ensuring the University remains in compliance with policies, regulations, and statutes, set forth by the State of Illinois, the Illinois Board of Higher Education, and our accrediting body, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). He will retire at the end of September.

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Colleagues gathered to honor Bruce Stoffel as he received his Living Our Values Award.

Provost Murphy noted Stoffel’s most recent role was critical in the re-accreditation of the University through HLC. “Bruce worked tirelessly on creating the 35,000-word document and collecting the many hundreds of supporting evidence files we submitted,” said Murphy. “He worked late into the evening and often came in on weekends. Illinois State University subsequently met all the criteria set forth by the HLC and received a very favorable report back from the review team.” Both Murphy and Yazedjian added that Stoffel is kind, courteous, and a consummate professional.

“For me, the value of integrity starts at the top, with leadership from our president, vice presidents, and unit heads,” said Stoffel. “As long as we have leaders that model high personal standards, Illinois State will remain a strong, vibrant, and respected institution that serves its students well.”

Logo with the words Educate, Connect, Elevate, Illinois State: The Strategic Plan for Illinois' First Public University, 2018-2023Nominees for the Living Our Values awards can be any current Illinois State student, faculty, or staff member, or a group of people at Illinois State working toward a program or initiative that reflects the core values.

Nomination forms can be found on the Educate Connect Elevate: Illinois State website.