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Years of Service, August 2019

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30 years
James Urquhart Dunham, Physics, 8/28/1989
Georgia E. Martin, Facilities Planning, 8/28/1989
Shelley Ann Wilson-Miller, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality, 8/25/1989

25 years
Thomas L. Cotton, Campus Services Div Grounds, 8/16/1994

20 years
Jamie M. Curry, Mail Service Center, 8/16/1999

15 years
Douglas John Saxton, Environmental Health & Safety, 8/23/2004

10 years
Stephanie Yvonne Campbell, Milner Library, 8/17/2009
Sabrina Fairchild, Human Resources, 8/17/2009
Catherine Hempstead, Human Resources, 8/31/2009
Chandler Richard Kaiden, Dean of Education, 8/24/2009
Patrick Ntwali Lubala, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality, 8/7/2009
Beth A. Shawgo, Janitorial, 8/4/2009