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image of Fell Hall The Quad of Illinois State University

Fell Hall on the Quad of Illinois State University

Associate Professor Aimee Miller-Ott takes on new role as Graduate Program coordinator

Photo of Dr. Aimee Miller-Ott.

Aimee Miller-Ott, Ph.D., Graduate Program coordinator in the School of Communication at Illinois State.

This fall, Associate Professor Aimee Miller-Ott, Ph.D., began her new role as the Graduate Program coordinator for the School of Communication. The core responsibilities of the coordinator include recruiting undergraduate students, advising the Graduate School Association, scheduling workshops, advising first-year graduate students, and handling administrative tasks.

Miller-Ott is proud to serve as the coordinator for one of the top master’s-only programs in the nation, having received the 2013 Outstanding Master’s Program by the National Communication Association. The professionally active faculty within the School of Communication are ranked in the top 10 for productivity by the Communication Institute for Online Scholarship.

Miller-Ott is excited to bring a different perspective to this role. “Previous graduate coordinators have done immense work to make this program as strong as it is, but I love thinking of new ways to make the program even better.”

In keeping with that, there are a couple changes she is initiating within the School of Communication, including streamlining the registration process for graduate students and creating a cohesive community designed to help graduate students flourish.

In addition to these changes, Miller-Ott is also focused on putting a spotlight on the mental health of graduate students. To advocate for this issue, she has begun putting together workshops that “help students learn how to manage the stress that comes along with grad school to help them succeed in the program and finish their degree.” She hopes the students and faculty appreciate the new perspective she brings to the position and the changes she’s implementing for the benefit of the graduate students in the program.

While the position entails many responsibilities, Miller-Ott loves being able to connect with students beyond the classroom. She enjoys taking on the role of an advisor to students because it allows her a unique opportunity to guide graduate students during the first year of their program. “Being able to connect with grad students beyond the ones I advise is fun! I’m an advising nerd, so helping students is just a fun role to take on.”

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