Have you been wondering what kind of starting salary you can expect when you graduate?

The National Association of Colleges and Employers conducted the Winter 2019 Salary Survey and provides the following projections to upcoming graduates as a ballpark figure of what they might expect.

In summary, the top-paid graduates from the Class of 2019 are engineering ($69,188), computer science ($67,539), and math and sciences degrees ($62,177). Overall, salary news is generally positive for Class of 2019 graduates.

Average salary by discipline, bachelor’s degrees

Broad Category 2019 Salary
2018 Salary
Engineering $69,188 $66,521 4.0%
Computer Science $67,539 $66,005 2.3%
Math & Sciences $62,177 $61,867 0.5%
Business $57,657 $56,720 1.7%
Social Sciences $57,310 $56,689 1.1%
Humanities $56,651 $56,688 -0.1%
Agriculture & Natural Resources $55,750 $53,565 4.1%
Communications $52,056 $51,448 1.2%

While projections are based on employer data, remember that the figures do not include bonuses, commissions, benefits, or overtime, and may vary by industry and geographic region.

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For more detailed information on starting salaries in your industry, geographic region and for your skills and experience, consider scheduling an appointment with your career advisor.