Jean Miller, dean of Wonsook Kim College of Fine Arts, was named President of the International Council of Fine Arts Deans (ICFAD).

Bart Lytel, Administrative Technologies, presented a poster “Closing the Work Skills Gap” at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference in Chicago.

Sudipa Topdar, HIS/WGS, gave an invited lecture, “Reading the Body in Colonial India” at the Lady Shri Ram College for Women at Delhi University.

Christopher Breu, ENG, published “After-Antifoundationalism: Ten Theses on the Limits of Antitheory” in What’s Wrong with Anti-Theory? (London: Bloomsbury).

Katherine Ellison, ENG, published “Ciphers and Gaming in Pleasure and War” in The Games of War in British and American Literature, 1600-1830 (Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press).

Majorie Jones, CHE, published “The in vitro effects of tryptamine, harmine, and harmaline on Leishmania tarentolae and the possible implications for leishmaniasis” in Health and Primary Care with students Jessica Wickline, Alexis Broedlow, Benjamin Dorsey, and Kirk Eichenberg.

Jun-Hyun Kim, CHE, published “Gold-Nanoparticle-Embedded Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Microparticles for Selective Quasi-Homogeneous Catalytic Homocoupling Reactions” in ACS Applied Nano Materials with students Pascal Eyimegwu and Jemima Lartey.