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On October 10, 2019, Jessica Chambers, Horticulture Center coordinator, gave a complete tour of the Illinois State University Horticultural Center to TEC 258 students. Many Illinois State University majors are involved in the Horticultural Center, including agriculture, biology, English, and sustainable and renewable energy.

Enoc Ilunga, Sustainable and Renewable Energy major, found the windmill and the vegetable garden the most interesting. He thought some of the vegetables could not be grown in America. He learned that in the past 60 percent of Illinois was covered in cornfields while currently less than one percent is covered in corn.

“The fragrance garden was the most interesting,” Katelyn Dunnagan, sustainable and renewable energy major said. “There is one plant that smells like popcorn.”

She was “surprised to see so many different types of gardens and that each have their own type of beauty.” Dunnagan was also excited to see the PV panels and the small wind turbine used at the Horticultural Center.

SRE Students at Horticultural Center L-R back: Dalton Starkey, Brian Bohlmann, Enoc Ilunga, Gabriel Eiter, Jason Coddington, Katrina Keller, Domonick Lange, Elvira Ballinas Garcia, Front L-R: Jessica Chambers, Brittany Weber, Katelyn Dunnagan, John Lechner