Two cohorts of leaders from the higher education doctoral programs attended the Womens’ Leadership Success in Higher Education, March 27–29, 2019, in Denver. The professional development was sponsored by the Department of Educational Administration and Foundations.

The conference was designed to help women become their most powerful selves. The event brought together over 200 female leaders in higher education from across the U.S. to develop leadership skills and to provide opportunities for them to become successful as leaders. The breakout sessions enabled attendees to hone specific skills, such as fortifying confidence, courage, and resilience; using strengths to create a hope map; mapping career opportunities; and practicing executive presence.

Furthermore, attendees gained a unique perspective on how to leverage gender to empower leadership in workplaces and were provided with opportunities to build affinity networks as well.

“I am appreciative for the opportunity to attend the Women’s Leadership Success in Higher Education Conference in March. The conference inspired me to set career goals that maximize my strengths to contribute to my institution in a powerful way. I was able to map out a path toward reaching these career goals. One of the breakout sessions that will help me in the future focused on creating an inner coach that knows how to support my confidence, self-esteem, courage, and resilience. In a role where I constantly advocate for student equality, having an inner coach that maintains these characteristics is crucial. It was empowering to collaborate with women leaders, reflect on my own career path, and set goals for the future. I recommend this conference for professionals in higher education!” said Tara Davis-Augspurger, foreign language teacher, University High School.

“For me, the Women’s Leadership Conference was a reminder of the contribution of remarkable women leaders. It was an inspiring and refreshing conference that provided us with tools we can put into action to boost our careers. I am thankful for the opportunity to attend,” said Kari McMullen, instructional assistant professor, College of Business at Illinois State University.