The Department of Psychology will present a talk titled, “What is Empathy Anyways,” with Ray Bergner, Ph.D., from noon-1 p.m. Friday, November 8, in 209 DeGarmo Hall. Bergner is a professor in the Department of Psychology at Illinois State University.

What is empathy? Is it projection—projecting your own feelings onto the other? Is it assumed similarity—assuming others would feel the same way you would if you were in their situation? Is it all about the occurrence of brain events involving mirror neurons? Is it perspective taking—being able to imaginally relocate yourself in others’ worlds? This talk will explore these questions and attempt to come up with some answers. It will conclude with (1) some discussion of the ability to empathize accurately as a critically important life skill, and (2) a list of some good sources for acquiring this ability.

This event is part of a series of talks, workshops, panels, and round-table discussions that the department will host as a part of the Extending Empathy Project. The events are open to faculty, students, and staff.

This speaker series is sponsored by the Department of Psychology. To support the Department of Psychology and help enhance its educational mission with advanced teaching methods, guest speakers, and more opportunities for students to learn through research experiences, please consider making a gift to the department through the Illinois State University Foundation.