Mike Dougherty, SOC, co-authored “Porousness and Peru’s moratorium on genetically modified organisms: stakeholder epistemologies and neoliberal science” with alumnus Teddy Dondanville in Environmental Sociology.

Marjorie Jones, CHE, joined Illinois State students Jonathan Rink, Cynthia Cass, Kirk Eichenberg, and Courtney Kelley in co-authoring “Electrical Stimulation of C6 Glioma Related to Chronic Pain Pathways” for Brain Sciences.

Hannah Kroonblawd, ENG, published “Slipping Past the Rowlock” in Washington Square Review and “I Won’t Speak of My Leaving to Anyone” in Small Orange.

Danielle Lillge, ENG, “Improving professional development relationships that support teacher learning” in English Teaching: Practice & Critique.

Logan Miller, ANT, co-authored “The Effect of Heat on Lithic Microwear Traces: an Experimental Assessment” in Lithic Technology.