Tools for Solving Teacher Shortage

To give every child a quality education, we need a quality teacher in every classroom. But severe teacher shortages in communities across the country deprive many children of the opportunities they need to prepare for college, a career, and civic participation. In 2017, more than 100,000 teaching positions were filled by teachers with inadequate training. Because they are underprepared for the challenges of the classroom, these teachers are less effective and more likely to leave the profession. At the same time, uncompetitive compensation, high student debt, and poor teaching conditions can drive out even talented and well-prepared teachers.

Job Design: An Integrated Approach to Creating Effective Teacher and Principal Leadership Roles

U.S. Department of Education Effective Educator Development (EED) grantees are implementing systems of support for teachers and principals to improve the effectiveness of their teaching and leadership practices. These systems of support often include new teacher and/or principal leadership roles, such as coaches, practice specialists, or support colleagues, that provide job-embedded professional supports to teachers and principals and create opportunities for professional advancement. These leadership roles are critical in elevating the effectiveness of teacher and principal professions and supporting retention of effective educators who desire to take on additional roles and responsibilities within the profession.