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CESL relaunches civic engagement listserv

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The Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning (CESL) is relaunching a civic engagement listserv for Illinois State University faculty and staff.

“We wanted to revive this listserv to provide a way for Illinois State faculty and staff to share civic engagement opportunities,” said Harriett Steinbach, interim director of the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning. “We foresee this list as a great resource to help spread the importance of civic engagement and to increase faculty and student opportunities.”

The listserv will function as a traditional listserv in that subscribers can post to the list themselves. It can be used to share information on civic engagement conferences, funding opportunities, calls for proposals, campus and community engagement opportunities, resources such as articles and journals, and more.

CESL will also use the listserv to share resources with Illinois State faculty and staff.

While the listserv will predominately be for use by Illinois State faculty and staff, CESL also sends a weekly email newsletter to a broader group—including students—during the academic year. The newsletter highlights local volunteer needs and community engagement opportunities. To subscribe to the weekly newsletter, visit the online form. To submit content for the newsletter, contact CESL at


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