Looking for ways to get involved on campus and develop valuable skills for your future career?

Then make plans to attend COBEC in the Snow in the State Farm Hall of Business atrium Monday, January 27. The event is hosted by the College of Business Executive Council (COBEC) and will spotlight Illinois State University’s registered student organizations (RSOs) geared toward business majors. Representatives from each RSO in the COB will be on hand to discuss their organizations, so drop in anytime from 3 to 5 p.m. to ask questions and learn about ways to get involved.

“It’s going to be just a casual event where you can talk to an RSO that you’re interested in or see what could be your passion at the COB,” said Kwame Blankson, a senior accounting and business information systems major who serves as the activity coordinator for COBEC.

No registration is required, and all COB students are invited to attend.

“I would just encourage people to come with a positive mindset and just be open to trying new things and talking to new people. Taking that step forward to better themselves I think is really important,” said COBEC President Becca Zarchy, a senior integrated marketing communications and advanced marketing analytics major.

“I would just encourage people to come with a positive mindset and just be open to trying new things and talking to new people. Taking that step forward to better themselves I think is really important.”—Becca Zarchy

Zarchy continued: “If you’re a transfer student, I think it’s a great way to get involved right away. If you’re a freshman, you’ve had that semester to kind of transition; now is the time to get involved. I think a lot of students realize too late that they should have gotten involved earlier, so even if this is your last semester and you’re graduating in the spring, come join something new. If you’re already involved in something, find something else. It’s a great way to make friends. It’s a great resource and networking opportunity, so it’s really for anybody.”

Hands-on learning opportunities, such as those provided by RSOs, are an integral part of the college experience.

“If you’re interested in business, only about half the skills you need come from the classroom. The other half of them come from experience and soft skills and networking and being around people,” said COBEC Vice President Michael Wang, a senior advanced marketing analytics and integrated marketing communications major.

RSOs provide students with a fun and educational environment in which to develop the skills they will use on the job after graduation. By getting involved on campus, students can gain valuable leadership experience, garner insights from guest speakers, and participate in meaningful networking and volunteer opportunities.

Blankson noted that when it comes to resume building, “getting good grades doesn’t get you the same opportunities that it used to.” Zarchy added that involvement in extracurricular organizations is a vital part of making oneself stand out in a pile of resumes.

“An education is really important and having a degree is important but more so than your grades — especially now and in this industry — it’s your involvement, it’s your experience (that counts) … The positions that you’re holding on campus are really going to shine above someone that just has a similar education profile as you,” she observed.

“College is one of those places where you get out what you put in,” Wang said. “If you’re not doing things outside of the classroom, I honestly think that you’re already a step behind. The COB has so many organizations that cover almost every aspect of business. If you have any interest in business, there’s definitely going to be an organization out there for you. COBEC in the Snow is just an opportunity to meet students and see all the different opportunities that the COB has to offer outside of the classroom.”