Completed editions in 2019 include works by Daniel Baird, Brian Franklin, and Salvador Jiménez-Flores, three Illinois artists with diverse artistic practices.

multi-color lithograph

the Distance (10) – Litho/Absence/Contour  Daniel Baird three-color lithograph with cut-out and hand drawn element
13 1/4″ x 21″

Daniel Baird, an artist and educator working in Chicago, Illinois, collaborated with Normal Editions as part of the Illinois State Visiting Artist Program in fall 2018. Daniel’s interest in materiality and the unconventional created an exciting energy during the project. A geode found in one of the School’s lithography stones inspired the main feature of the image. This three-color lithograph, the Distance (10) – Litho/Absence/Contour, includes a cut-out center with mylar and handcoloring in layers. Daniel hand cut all the center section cut-outs to reveal his drawing on the layer below the printed layer. The final prints have a printed and cut Rives BFK Gray layer, a mylar layer, and the handcoloring on Strathmore 400 Gray layer adhered together into one piece along the top edge.

one color lithograph

Railroad Workers 1870-1930 
Salvador Jiménez-Flores
one-color lithograph
20″ x 15″

artist drawing

Salvador Jiménez-Flores draws with brush and ink on a lithographic stone at Normal Editions

Salvador Jiménez-Flores is an interdisciplinary artist and educator born in Jamay, Jalisco, Mexico; living and working in Chicago, Illinois. An award from the Alice and Fannie Fell Trust of the Illinois State Foundation partially supported this project. Salvador collaborated with Normal Editions in the spring semester this year. His public lecture was presented April 8, highlighting his research and accomplishments. The collaboration focused on historical facts regarding railroad workers recruited from Mexico to work in the United States during the expansion of railroad lines across the country. A recently discovered photograph of Salvador’s grandfather inspired the main figure in the composition. Railroad Workers 1870-1930 is a one-color lithograph on BFK Rives tan paper. Salvador created the image using a combination of Stones and Korn’s lithographic crayons, Korn’s Autographic ink and brush, and subtractive methods with a razor blade.

lithographic printing

Erika Shiba sponges the lithography plate while Felicia Cannon prepares the blended ink on the roller

multicolor lithograph

Fall v.2 
Brian Franklin
six-color lithograph
14″ x 11″

Brian Franklin, Associate Professor of Art teaching Expanded Media in the Wonsook Kim School of Art at Illinois State University, participated in a collaborative project lead by MFA graduate student Felicia Cannon. Felicia chose to work with Brian because of their mutual interest in creating a lithograph inspired by a still from one of his video works. The files were manipulated digitally then photographic techniques were used to create the positive working photo-lithography plates. The resulting edition, Fall v.2, is a six color lithograph printed with two blend rolls. This print also has the distinction of completing a long-term project of Normal Editions, the CVA Suite Vol. III portfolio.

Impressions from these editions and the CVA Suite Vol. III portfolio are now available to purchase online from Normal Editions, the collaborative print workshop in the Wonsook Kim School of Art. The mission of Normal Editions is to publish original fine art limited edition prints as a collaborative team of students, staff, faculty, and visiting artists in a professional print research setting to create new works of art, educate, and expand appreciation of print media. For more information see