The Latin American and Latino Studies Program (LALS) spotlights Glorivette Albino-Montalvo, Psy.D.

Dr. Glorivette Albino-Montalvo

Glorivette Albino-Montalvo, Psy.D.

Tell me about yourself. Where are you from? What do you like to do?
Born and raised in Puerto Rico, I grew up in a family that highly values education. My entire life has been associated with college campuses, first because I am the daughter of a retired college professor, and second because I enjoy the life and growth that happens in this setting. Psychology became an area of interest probably when I was in middle school, so I enjoy almost anything related to human behavior, health, healing, and growth. I currently work as staff psychologist at Student Counseling Services. Other than psychology, I enjoy traveling, learning of other cultures, and engaging with arts and crafts.

Where did you receive your degrees from and in what?
Both my bachelor’s and master’s are from universities in Puerto Rico: the University of Puerto Rico- Mayagüez and the Inter American University of Puerto Rico in San Germán. My B.A. is in psychology and my M.A. is in school psychology. As I was completing my master’s, I realized that I wanted to continue with my education in a different area of specialty within the field, counseling psychology. I graduated with my doctorate from the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota.

Favorite quote?
It is difficult to pick just one, but I can say that the following probably summarizes how I’ve tried to live my life and encourage all to live theirs: “You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.” (Brené Brown)

What inspired you to become affiliated with the Latin American and Latino/a Studies office? What do you hope to gain or accomplish through this experience?
My relationship with the Latin American and Latino/a Studies office is just getting started. It was a serendipitous connection that happened soon after I was hired by the University. It is both an honor and a blessing to be associated with this office because of my identity as Latina. My hope is to strengthen relationships within our university and to serve as a resource for students from underrepresented groups, especially students who identify as Latino/a/x.

Have you attended any Latin American and Latino/a Studies Program events? If yes, what was the event and why was it your favorite? What did you gain from the experience?
Yes! Though there have been several I have wanted to attend, I was able to be at Dr. Salvador Vidal’s lecture on the use of the x in Latinx. There was a lot to learn about the different ways the community wrestles with becoming more inclusive. Language is infinitely creative, and the way that we speak and write often reflects how we think. Learning of some of the different perspectives helps in shaping my understanding of my language and informs my use of inclusive elements in my day to day communications.

What would you tell a student considering declaring the Latin American and Latino/a studies minor?
If you are following what you believe is your interest and/or passion, you will continue to be successful, discovering new things each day. Keep learning! It never stops.

Anything else you’d like to share?
It feels good to be part of a learning community where we strive to connect with and value one another. I am inspired by the pride you project in all the work that you do as Latin American and Latino/a Studies office and am grateful for the support you provide to your students and community.