Wonsook Kim School of Art alumnus Camila Pasquel ’19, BFA shares how gifts made to the Marshall Dulaney Pitcher Award and Scholarship made an impact on her time at Illinois State University and taught her about the gift of giving back:

I received the Marshall Dulaney Pitcher Award (MDP) spring of 2019. As a graduating senior, I remember this was the most honorable award I could have received as a student. I remember looking at the 2018 MDP recipient, Alissa Palmer, and thinking “wow, what do I need to do to get that next year!” It was my ultimate goal as a graduating senior. It was a privilege, not only because of the opportunity to install an entire space during the student annual but also because it meant the art I was making was worth sharing. It meant the ideas I stood behind in my work and practice were valuable and impactful.

Much to my surprise, the award did not stop there. Although the MDP taught me so much about the value of being supported and lifted as an artist, it taught me even more about generosity and the gift of giving back. As I listened to the story of how the MDP had started, I couldn’t help but be thankful for a family who sees the value in lifting others up. As I have transferred out of my time at Illinois State University, I get to carry that lesson with me.

I began an art club with Youth Hope, a nonprofit organization that primarily works with inner-city students, where I get to give back what was given to me through the Marshall Dulaney Pitcher Award and Scholarship: a space to be heard, encouragement, and hope.

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Camila Pasquel '19 BFA, image from her 2019 STUDENT ANNUAL Exhibition, THE ART IS PRESENT

2019 Marshall Dulaney Pitcher Award winner, Camila Pasquel ’19 BFA with her work The Art is Present (from the series ‘Other’), ceramic, 2019

Marshall Dulaney Pitcher Award and Scholarship

Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the Marshall Dulaney Pitcher Award has recognized artistic excellence and offered inspiration for Wonsook Kim School of Art students since 1970. This highly prestigious award was established by the Pitcher family in memory of Marshall Pitcher. Pitcher was a talented painting student, who was passionately interested in and influenced by the art, music, and poetry culture of his time. Before transferring to Illinois State University in 1969 as a sophomore, he studied at Antioch College. The MDP Award, as it has come to be known, honors outstanding undergraduate and graduate students in the visual arts who demonstrate exceptional artistic talent, dedicated studio practice, and academic excellence. In addition to a monetary award, this distinguished recognition includes an individual exhibition prominently displayed within the Student Annual.

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