Logo with the words Foundations of Diversity and Inclusion under birds flying in a circle.

Logo with the words Foundations of Diversity and Inclusion under birds flying in a circle.

The Foundations of Diversity and Inclusion seminars tackle tough questions involving culture, identity, and responsive teaching in a friendly, non-threatening environment.

All seminars will be held from noon-1:30 p.m. in Williams Hall, room 308.

The sessions are open to faculty and staff, but registration is required. Each workshop is limited to 20 participants in order to encourage interaction among the participants so please register early. Participants are welcome to bring a lunch to this discussion.

Seminars include:

Implicit Bias Friday, January 31
Implicit bias is an unconscious tendency to judge people based on past experiences. In this workshop, participants will explore the nature of implicit bias and discover strategies to minimize bias in the classroom and in the workplace.

Microaggressions Friday, February 28
Microaggressions are small acts with potentially big effects—little behaviors that communicate hostile or derogatory slights towards a person or a group of people. Participants will leave this seminar with a better understanding of the psychological impact these types of communications can have on others and how best to respond when a microaggression occurs.

Privilege and PowerFriday, March 20
Participants in the seminar will better understand their own multiple identities and the presence and absence of privileges based on those identities.

CTLT offers a certificate to those who have completed all three seminars. Participants who have taken one or two of the seminars in the past can earn a certificate by completing the series.

All seminars fall under the AAC&U High-Impact Educational Practice of Diversity/Global Learning.

Find out more information at the CTLT website.