The Dean of Students Office opened their new Student Involvement Center (SIC) in the Bone Student Center this month. This new space designed exclusively for students is located on the second-floor concourse.

As part of the Bone Student Center Revitalization, there was a need to create a space for students to work and collaborate with each other. The SIC not only provides students this opportunity, but also offers access to support and resources to help students succeed within their Registered Student Organizations (RSOs). Members of RSOs can utilize free printing services for their organizations, computers with graphic design software, and plenty of space to work on posters or other projects. In addition to these resources, the SIC also houses offices for University Program Board and the Greek Councils.

Gus Winters, president of University Program Board (UPB), shared their excitement about the new space and the opportunities it will offer new students. “The Student Involvement Center is something that is very exciting to myself and the other student leaders I work with. I love being in a space meant for students and filled with student input. I think it’s very important to the livelihood of the organization and I am excited to see what we accomplish in the new space.”

UPB’s art and entertainment chairperson Meghan Escamilla added, “It’s really nice to all be in one spot with the RSOs and Sorority and Fraternity life where we can all work together.”

Located next door to the new staff office suite in the Dean of Students Office, students will also have convenient access to staff members to ask for additional help and guidance and get their questions answered. Specific units housed within the suite include Diversity Advocacy, Leadership Education and Development, Sorority and Fraternity Life, and Student Activities.

Amy Miller, specialist in the Dean of Students Office, hopes the Student Involvement Center will give students “a space on campus that is more than just an office where they drop off paperwork. We want students to feel comfortable coming to us for help when they need it and using the space to further their passions.”

At the core of the Student Involvement Center is the goal to help students get involved on campus. Any student can visit the center to learn more about what is available on campus related to their passions and interests. Plans for additional support and resources offered in the Student Involvement Center are already underway. Such services may include weekly office hours with staff as well as training and development opportunities.

For more information about the new Student Involvement Center, contact Amy Miller in the Dean of Students Office or stop by the center on the second floor of the Bone Student Center.