Student Environmental Health Association (SEHA) is an environmentally-conscious registered student organization (RSO) described by its members as a close-knit group of individuals interested in environmental health. Although most of its members are environmental health or related majors, the RSO is open to other majors. Every semester, they organize activities and projects that expose members to environmental matters. 

In SEHA, every member’s opinion counts as the group is constantly brainstorming on and implementing ideas to promote safer environmental practices. SEHA is also dedicated to community service, interacting with the Normal community and giving back through various projects and events.  

One of SEHA’s major projects this academic year is “The Felmley Flora.” The goal of this project is to display a variety of plants in the glass-windowed staircase between FHS and the FSA. These plants are to create an interesting, living, environment that reflects the interest of nature and natural science of SEHA. While the goal may be simplified to “placing plants on a staircase,” the effects of such an action reach farther than the initial anticipated results. There are several effects the SEHA hopes this completed project will administer. 

Other annual SEHA events include joining a class tour to important sites like the ethanol plant in Gibson City, Illinois. Such events give members an opportunity to experience safe environmental practices. Every year, they participate in the Illinois Environmental Health Association conference, the Annual Downstate Illinois Occupational Safety & Health Day as well as executing projects to celebrate Earth Day. 

With Dr. LC Yang as the faculty advisor of SEHA, members receive academic support as well as professional advice from mentors, alums and professors. They maintain effective communication that enables them to execute their projects while maintaining excellent academic grades.