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University supports students, alumni with career interest and passion for common good

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Young adults today are known for their technical savvy and entrepreneurial spirit. But this generation brings much more than their digital mindset and ambition to the workforce. Generation Z can also be described as individuals who are passionate about community activism, unafraid to challenge the status quo, and for being an ever-increasingly diverse population. In fact, this generation’s desire to impact social, environmental and global issues has led many to consider working in industries such as social services, government, and law, regardless of their actual major.

Illinois State is committed to helping Redbirds make an impact. Not only did the University establish the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning, but this academic year the University also supported the Career Center by adding an additional career advisor specifically committed to assisting students and alumni interested in exploring or pursuing careers in nonprofit, social services, and government.

Tate serves as career advisor fro students interested in careers in nonprofit, social services, and government

Mariaton Tate serves as career advisor to students interested in careers in nonprofit, social services, and government

According to Career Advisor Mariaton Tate, “The nonprofit sector is the third-largest workforce in the nation and continues to grow. The opportunities to work in nonprofit include much more than just direct service positions, such as social workers and other human service professionals. For example, those interested in human resources, marketing, communications, IT and many other fields can find fulfilling careers in the nonprofit sector.”

“Working in a nonprofit setting can provide invaluable transferable skills that can be utilized in other settings throughout one’s career,” adds Tate. “For example, those interested in utilizing their digital technology skills, such as social media, can use them to further the mission of nonprofits.”

Students and alumni interested in exploring if the nonprofit sector are encouraged to make an appointment with Tate to explore their career possibilities.

The Career Center assists Redbirds with developing, evaluating and/or implementing career, education and employment decisions; and supports Illinois State University’s Educate ● Connect ● Elevate strategic plan.